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Festival Quartiers Danses coproductions

Discover the short film co-productions by Montreal choreographers and filmmakers presented during the 18th, 19th and 20th editions of the Festival Quartiers Danses between 2020 and 2022. 

This year, keep following us until December 2022 to discover other new short films.

Entre peaux

It doesn't matter what is being told, it's the place you've been that matters.

The Smile Club (Exerpts)

The Smile Club depicts the mentally ill patients as the heroes of the story and inverts the sanest gaze of the“asylum film” exploitation genre.

Elle s’évade

Directed by Xavier Curnillon, this short film explores the themes of fear, imagination and isolation as part of the 20th edition of the Festival Quartiers Danses.


Terra is a dance film by Marites Carino and Elon Höglund that offers a reflection of both the essential and primal connections to the earth, to dirt itself.


"Herbert" is a danced homage to the topics of grief, loss and loss of control.

Am I What I’m Not

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Perceive me please, even my imperceptibility And I am a seive Grieving when you wash over me
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