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The film Spectrum is a research project about the body and its energetic duplicate.

Grand Pig

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Born from the desire of revenge and solace against the injustice and the incomprehension of a chaotic world, Grand Pig embodies the insidious wrath, the visceral violence that drives us and that we restrain.

Am I What I’m Not

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Perceive me please, even my imperceptibility And I am a seive Grieving when you wash over me


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The solo Souffle was conceived in the studio by Jane Mappin through improvisation sessions and the creation of choreographic phrases.


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Ce court-métrage suit la création de la pièce Fauncal Se Ligueye par le groupe Taafé Fanga, ensemble légendaire de musiciens et danseuses polyvalents qui évolue dans le domaine des arts métissés au Québec depuis 20 ans.

Elle s’évade

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Directed by Xavier Curnillon, this short film explores the themes of fear, imagination and isolation as part of the 20th edition of the Festival Quartiers Danses.
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