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Am I What I’m Not

Cai Glover x Max Machado


Cai Glover x Max Machado
  • 3:49
Perceive me please, even my imperceptibility
And I am a seive
Grieving when you wash over me
If I could catch flies in the subtle way of leaves
If I could simply rise from the couch and leave
And where then would I be? 
So remote and so late that I miss the changing of the leaves
So apathetic in space that I’m ignored by the breeze
centered on a sidewalk walking sideways past railways and cemented things 
Concrete misgivings
Heavier than the heavens where I spend my time.
ChoreographerCai Glover
CinematographyMax Machado
PerformanceCai Glover
MusicAnusha Kamesh
DirectorCai Glover
AknowledgementsShiloh Gagnon, Kennedy Henry