2018 : From one age to another | Cavelier-De LaSalle High School

The Quartiers Danses Festival has decided to develop a new type of cultural mediation in 2018, one with a focus on intergenerational understanding and taking as its objective to unite different generations around dance.

We have established a partnership with the Cavelier-De LaSalle School. This school welcomes 1,700 students, of which 67% are recently immigrated and come from nearly one hundred different countries. The students’ learning is centred around bearings from francophone culture, thereby forming an active and involved educational community. Intergenerationality is at the heart of school director Alain Lavoie’s concerns; he would like his school to play a leading role with regards to an important LaSalle neighbourhood issue: elder abuse by adolescents.

We proposed to Kyra Jean Green that she offer a series of 8 workshops in order to encourage the students to reflect on aging and on the realities of elderly people. During the first workshops, they explored notions such as physical weakness and slowness as well as mutual assistance and solidarity.

France Roy and Marc Béland co-animated the workshops with Kyra. As they both dancers are around sixty years old today, they were able to share their perspectives on their careers, their bodies and their evolution. France Roy coached while Marc Béland danced alongside the students.

The resulting choreography will be presented at the Festival in September 2018




Laure Barrachina

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