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Anik Bissonnette

Artistic Director of École supérieure de ballet du Québec

Co-Spokesperson for the 20th edition of FQD

” I am truly honoured to be the co-spokesperson for the 20th Edition of Festival Quartiers Danses (FQD).

A catalyst for new, experienced, and established artists alike, the FQD plays an essential role in the discovery of local, Canadian, and international artists. Through values of open-mindedness and accessibility, the FQD significantly contributes to the popularization of dance in various cultural boroughs of Montreal. Newcomers and connoisseurs alike will enjoy a rich and diverse program.

As we celebrate their 20th anniversary, I hope the FQD will, for years to come, continue to support creative dance artists, promote all hybrid forms of choreographic art, and strengthen Montréal’s position as a dynamic and undisputed dance centre. “

” I am delighted to be co-spokesperson with the wonderful Anik Bissonnette to celebrate this, the 20th edition of Festival Quartiers Danses (FQD). 

With its mission to celebrate, embrace, share and democratize dance in its kaleidoscope of forms, the FQD has become a sustaining force for the thriving Montreal Dance Community. Contributing and supporting to Montreal’s deserved reputation as one of seven world capitals of dance.

FQD highlights artistic excellence and diversity in all styles of contemporary dance creations, with companies and artists both local and international, artists both renown and emergent.

FQD has become a celebration of movement, creativity and diversity for Montreal’s citizens and tourists.

Performances are in an array of theaters and urban spaces, situated in many of Montreal’s unique cultural neighborhoods.  From short films, public dance rehearsals, visual art exhibitions, round-table discussions to year-round cultural activities, FQD offers this, and much more.

The Margie Gillis Dance Foundation is thrilled to be participating at FQD for our third time!

Congratulations to Rafik and his wonderful team on 20 years of dedication, passion, and enrichment. May this wonderful festival continue for years to come! Bravo Brava!! “

Headshot of Margie Gillis

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Margie Gillis , O.C., C.Q., (DFA)

Artistic Director, Choreographer, Dancer

The Margie Gillis Dance Foundation

Co – Spokeperson for the 20th edition of FQD