The long-awaited return of the Festival Quartiers Danses series on Videotron’s community channel MAtv!

The Festival Quartiers Danses – 19th Edition series is a series of ten programs with dozens of young choreographers and dancers performing in an urban context, in front of an audience, in different neighborhoods, parks and streets of Montreal. This is a way for the FQD to democratize contemporary dance in all its forms and to make it shine in the various local communities. Convinced that dance is a universal language capable of speaking to all, the festival aims to be inclusive with artists of all backgrounds, generations and cultures. The FQD presents first works, reworked works or works in evolution (creation laboratories) as well as reconstructions from the choreographic heritage, sometimes performed by artists in the process of professionalization.

In short, dance… right in our communities! Are you as excited as we are to see this?


To be seen here on Thursday January 27 at 8pm!
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©Do Phan Hoi – 19th edition of Festival Quartiers Danses