[Rediffusion] Round Table of the 20th edition

Round Table I 20th edition

In celebration of the 20th edition of Festival Quartiers Danses (FQD), the Regroupement Québécois de la Danse co-organized with the FQD a roundtable discussion on the notion of Care (solicitude/benevolence). Moderated by Nadine Medawar, a panel of 6 artists from the dance milieu were invited to share their actions and/or reflections on the subject, followed by thematic workshops in which panelists and audience members participated. The panelists were: Kimberley De Jong, Marie-Hélène Bellavance, Sophie Corriveau, Charles Brécard, Sam I Am Montolla and Andrea Peña.

Some of the questions discussed included: What are the challenges and barriers to implementing the notion of Care in everyday life?

What tools can be used to integrate more Care into the dance sector? Many practices and philosophies were shared, making us realize that there should be more events on the topic to better tool our sector and encourage knowledge sharing on Care. Some proposals that were made included creating a list of resources to share with guest artists or employees of an organization to equip them to seek trusted support as needed (e.g., psychology, clinics, coaches, daycares, etc.); creating more spaces for the sharing of knowledge and experience; and creating a list of resources to share with guest artists or employees of an organization. ); to create more spaces or moments that allow us to get to know each other better (to break the commercial ties); to give time to expression, also to the pieces or projects to mature; to take care of the vulnerabilities of others; a bilaterality of care (ex: in creation, the dancers take as much care of the choreographer as the choreographer takes care of the dancers; in presentation, the creative team takes as much care of the spectators as the spectators take care of the creative team, etc.).
A look back at the RQD discussion groups
The RQD organized 4 discussion groups at the beginning of the cultural ” rentrée” in order to discuss several themes and interests of our community:
1) non-standard organizations
2) regional development
3) Graduates
4) diverse and under-represented dance styles.
Targeted and general invitations have been made since August and the discussions that have taken place have been very rich. They will inspire future discussions and areas to be developed for this year’s Blueprint update. Here are brief summaries of the ideas and observations that came out of each focus group.