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Morgane Le Tiec x Xavier Curnillon

The film Spectrum is a research project about the body and its energetic duplicate. In this timeless and colorful universe, the choreographer and performer Morgane Le Tiec, in collaboration with the director Xavier Curnillon, tries to magnify a body that is shaped in space and aspires to grasp its double, its energy spectrum. Body semi-disguised by a long split cloth, the performer is playing to reveal or hide parts of it by a wide and dynamic dance immersing the spectator in a surrealist universe where motion, body and color become one.


Morgane Le Tiec x Xavier Curnillon
  • 2:17
Performer and choreographerMorgane Le Tiec
Film DirectorXavier Curnillon
Photo DirectorYann-Manuel Hernandez
MusicPierre Alexandre ( Barrdo)
EditingXavier Curnillon
Année, ,
Cie Sursaut
Art Director