Festival Quartiers Danses announces all Indoor Shows for its 22nd edition !

Press release

Festival Quartiers Danses announces all Indoor Shows for its 22nd edition !

Festival Quartiers Danses (FQD) proudly announces their indoor programming for its 22nd edition, taking place from September 5th to 14th in the Quartiers des spectacles. 30 choreographers and dance companies from 7 different countries will offer an impressive artistic diversity and explore various themes including aging, the deconstruction of masculinity, the absurd, mythology, technology, human nature, social relationships, self-assertion, the nervous system, water, movement, and other inspiring current issues. Amidst leading dance figures such as Margie Gillis, Janie et Marcio, Jérémy Galdeano, Étienne Delorme, Nicolas Zemmour, Morgane Le Tiec, Amara Barner, Jane Mappin, Tentacle Tribe and Karla Étienne, many internationally celebrated talents from South Africa, Switzerland, Iceland, Brazil and the United States will present their creations, some for the first time in North America and Canada. In addition, FQD mini, a special program for children and families, will return for the second year since the inception of FQD. It is an event you will not want to miss! 


FQD’s mission has always been to make the amazing universe of contemporary dance accessible to everyone in various ways. Young and old, afficionados and first-timers, are invited to be amazed at the flawless creativity of emotional dancers and choreographers. Whether you enjoy it from the comfort of a concert hall or outside in the heart of our beautiful city, let yourself be transported by the magnificence of a performance. Whether you are by yourself or surrounded with friends or family, the Festival is sure to provide good times. And do not forget the new FQD Mini, a free venue for children to expand their horizons and discover the art of dance.” Rafik Hubert Sabbagh, Founder, FQD artistic and general director.


Like every year at FQD, the spotlight will be on the emerging talents of dance, highlighting the artistic up-and-comers of tomorrow. Showcased throughout the Festival in various venues, captivating choreographies from young promising creators are ready to amaze young and old with their awe-inspiring passion, virtuosity and creativity.


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH — Opening Night 

Cinquième Salle, Place des Arts — 7:00 pm

Festival Quartiers Danses invites you to a spectacular Opening Night! Join us and discover six exclusive selections from our 22nd Edition programming, as you get a taste of the diversity and depth awaiting you. Prepare to be transported in a universe of emotion in motion, as Tentacle Tribe, Pauline Berndsen Danse, Grands Ballets Canadiens with Jérémy Galdeano et Věra Kvarčáková, Grands Ballets Canadiens with Étienne Gagnon Delorme, Jane Mappin and Margie Gillis provide you with awe-inspiring moments and exquisite dance creations. Take part in an unforgettable evening where the magical world of dance comes alive in front of your very eyes.


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7TH — Focus Brazil/Québec: Part I

Cinquième Salle de la Place des Arts  8:00 pm


Do not miss this unique experience with performances from Quebecois and Brazilian artists. Enjoy two excerpts of “Syntonie” by Janie and Marcio, 2019 winners of the TV show RÉVOLUTION, and two live music and dance shows from Brazilian artists Flavia Tapias and Renato Vieira.


Janie & Marcio (Montréal)  – Syntonie 

Flávia Tápias (Brazil) – Nouvelle Création 

Renato Vieira (Brazil) – Rock Suite : “The Dark Side” 

Janie & Marcio (Montréal) – Syntonie


SYNTONIE by Janie and Marcio


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8TH — Family Show — For all public

Cinquième Salle de la Place des Arts   2:00 pm 

Take a deep dive in the fascinating legendary world of the Moirai. In this captivating show intended for people of all ages, meet the Three Fate Sisters as they dance with their oversized braids. After the show, meet us for a friendly event specially prepared for kids and their families.

Morgane le Tiec — Compagnie de danse Sursaut (Montréal) — Moïra


Moïra by Morgane le Tiec


Focus Brazil/Québec: Part II

Cinquième Salle de la Place des Arts  8:00 pm

Experience a beautiful evening with talented choreographers and dancers Jane Mappin and Marcia Milhazes. Their creation invites us to reflect on the human condition, love relationships and how our mind may forget, but our body never does

Marcia Milhazes (Brazil) — Guarde-Me (Save-me)

Jane Mappin (Montréal) — Fleeting moments : Studies in being Human


Guarde-Me (Save-Me) by Marcia Milhazes


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH —Evening in Montréal

Cinquième Salle de la Place des Arts — 7:00 pm

Enjoy an evening full of variety, as you savour captivating and dynamic performances from Quebec artists Karla Étienne, Pauline Berndsen Danse, ZemmourBallet and Tentacle Tribe.

Karla Étienne (QC) — Solo Kolektif 

Pauline Gervais (QC) — Insectoïdes 

Nicolas Zemmour (QC) — ZemmourBallet — Les évadé.e.s de la moraline 

Tentacle Tribe (QC) — Tangible Shadow of Former Self



Cinquième Salle de la Place des Arts —7:00 pm

Discover two intriguing solos from emerging artists inspired by personal introspection and the search for healing. Do not miss the Montreal Premiere of Sans Toi[T], a new creation from duo Janie and Marcio, 2019 winners of RÉVOLUTION. Inspired by the sharing of a meal, this piece is a unique take on meetings and relationship dynamics.

Amara Barner — Ceremony for the Echoes of Chaos

Leah HamelAlmost There

Janie & Marcio — Sans Toi[T] — Montréal Premiere


Sans Toi[T] by Janie and Marcio



Cinquième Salle de la Place des Arts  7:00 pm

A rich and multifaceted evening! Immerse yourself in a vivid and contrasted contemporary solo from an Icelandic artist on baroque music, followed by an electrifying solo from Zachary Bastille, 2024 finalist of RÉVOLUTION, who captures the electric nature of the nervous system. Finally, experience a poetic piece from Cai Glover inspired by water and movement.

Ólöf Ingólfsdóttir — Alltaf n — Something About Clouds

Zachary Bastille — Embrasement Synaptique

Cai Glover — A Fichu Turning — 3 Frames of Worry


Embrasement Synaptique by Zachary Bastille


Cinquième Salle de la Place des Arts  7:00 pm

Spend an entire evening with renowned Canadian dancer and choreographer Margie Gillis and the performers from the Heritage Project. This poetic and captivating performance promises to awe, as it explores human nature, social relationships and self-assertion, while reflecting on the human condition and the future of dance.

Margie Gillis — Toutes ces choses qui fleurissent


© Sasha Onyshchenko


Cinquième Salle de la Place des Arts  7:00 pm

This evening’s choreographers transport you in the uniquely profound worlds of Montreal and New York City artists. Discover choreographers Emma-Lynn Mackay Ronacher and Maya Orchin, and the magnificent duo, Rebecca Margolick and Jason Martin

Emma-Lynn Mackay RonacherWhat She Saw

Maya Orchin & Stephanie NelsonNostra Dea : 2

Rebecca Margolick & Jason Martin — The One(s) Who Never Lived



Cinquième Salle de la Place des Arts  7:00 pm

Dive into a reflexive and vibrant universe, born from a collaboration between Hominal and Xaba. This thought-provoking performance questions our modern digital era with striking moves and a spectacular use of scenography, transporting you into a constantly evolving visual experience.

Marie-Caroline Hominal & Nelisiwe Xaba — Hominal/Xaba

Hominal/Xaba by Marie-Caroline Hominal and Nelisiwe Xaba © Xolani Tulumani 


Brazil in the spotlight 

FQD is pleased to present Focus Brazil for its 22nd edition. As a result of a collaboration between Giselle Tápias from Festival Dança em Trânsito and FQD, three Brazilian dance companies will perform throughout the Festival, from September 5th to 14th, 2024. Drawing inspiration from our post-confinement desires and aspirations, and the emotional universe of couples, Focus Brazil will showcase pieces from artists Flávia Tápias, Renato Vieira, and Marcia Milhazes. It is a collaboration full of promises, as Louise Bédard, Pauline Gervais and Charles Brécard will have the opportunity to present their choreographies during the Festival Dança em Trânsito in July and August 2024, in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.