SSIP Collective

Isabelle Di Liello, Sylvia Berman and Sarah Flack

Choreographers and Performers


  • SSIP Collective
  • Montréal


The SSIP Collective was created in 2020 during the pandemic when three young artists, namely Sylvia Berman, Isabella Di Liello and Sarah Flack, decided to move to Montreal at the same time. During these uncertain and restrictive times, the Collective built a safe place to create together, both in a studio and at home. They maintain the same open dialogue and intimate relationship that have been the bases of their artistic research.

Artistic vision

“As an artist and SSIP collective, we all have an equal voice in the creative process. We work together to turn our choreography into a collaborative effort, always working as a team to produce a multi-faceted process and result.”

Isabella Di Liello, Sylvia Berman and Sarah Flack