Samuel Tétreault

Samuel Tétreault

Choreographer and performer



Cofounder and co-artistic director of Les 7 doigts de la main, Samuel is known for his far-out creativity. His interest for interdisciplinary creation has motivated him to direct various shows in circus arts, dance, theatre, visual arts, video, and historical research alike. His creations have been presented all over the world, including at the Sadler’s Wells Theater, Les Nuits de Fourvière, the Melbourne Art Festival, La Villette and the Hong Kong Art Festival.

Artistic vision

As a tightrope walker, I have been practicing staying still for over 30 years. Yet, I have been fascinated with dance, aka the art of movement, since the beginning of my professional career. Dance is the necessary antithesis in the endless search for perfect balance, and a burning desire to move and revel in dancing has always been a part of me. I continually explore dialogue opportunities between dance and balance, trying to develop and perfect a hybrid language integrating both disciplines.