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Roxanne Dupuis

Choreographer and Performer


  • Montréal


Born in New Brunswick and living in Montreal since 2014, Roxanne Dupuis splits her career between Quebec and Acadia. She has performed on many regional, national, and international stages (Taiwan, Denmark, Australia, the UK, and France) and collaborated with many artists, including Tim Casson, Solène Bossu, the DansEncorps Company and Stacey Désilier. With the support of Festival Quartier Danses, she is proudly involved in the Montreal community as a cultural ambassador.

Artistic vision

“PROTO-TYPE is our first piece together as co-creators. The creative process started in January 2019 and was inspired by René Magritte’s Les Amants painting series. Folkloric dancing guides us and inspires us, while keeping us grounded in our cultural and ethnic roots. When on stage, we endeavour to share a physical and tangible moment with our audience while creating a shared kinesthetic empathy. We aspire to involve our public physically, rhythmically, and emotionally.”

Roxanne Dupuis et Charles Brecard