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Rameez Karim



  • Veils of Bollywood
  • Montréal


A queer choreographer, teacher, and performer from Montreal, Rameez Karim bases his dance language on Bollywood, semi-classical dances from India and various folkloric dances. Founder of the Veils of Bollywood Collective, he explores Indian dance connections with music, costumes, spirituality, nature, gender roles, queer representation and decolonization. He holds a dance baccalaureate from the Université Concordia and his work has been presented in Canada and abroad.

Artistic vision

There is an intimate documenting aspect in everything I create. I document my experiences and stimuli to ensure I can revisit every detail later. My creations go through several refinements and evolutions, which allows me to present my art clearly and authentically. Through language and movement, I continually attempt to deepen the understanding and relationship I have with my body, my spirit, and my soul.

Rameez Karim