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Margie Gillis

Margie Gillis




An internationally renowned leader in modern dance for over 45 years, Margie Gillis is one of Canada’s most influential choreographers and dancers of the 20th and 21st centuries. She founded the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation in 1981, and has created over 150 solo, duo, and group pieces. She has been awarded many accolades for her unwavering commitment to developing her art through experimentation, teaching, creation, innovation, and performance.

Artistic vision

The seasons have always been a living part of me, and they inspire me greatly. The piece was born from a vision where seasons are personified. I created movement sequences and short scenarios, and artists improvised from there. Rhiannon and I have created an organic sound landscape, where laughter meets tears and deep discoveries. It is an ode to Pina Bausch, Martha Clarke or Paul Taylor. Basically, this piece is a cacophonic cocreation with a talented team.