Julien Derradj

Choreographer et Performer


  • Le Rorqual
  • Montréal


A graduate from the CNDC and the Université d’Angers since 2017, Julien Derradj is currently pursuing a Master in Dance at the Université du Québec in Montreal. At the same time, he performs with several companies, including Sursaut, Axile, Virginie Brunelle, Ample Man Danse and Sylvain Émard Danse. Over the past several years, Julien has dedicated himself to choreography, creating playful and socially minded pieces to explore fantasy and our relationship with time.

Artistic vision

“Julien Derradj is fascinated with comics, cartoons, and manga. He uses these universes to choreograph his various projects. Integrating contemporary dance in all contexts, Julien attempts to juggle theatrics, silliness, humour and movement. His creative experiences are a way to present dance under a different lens, to create a dialogue between movement and fiction, and to make it accessible to a wide audience.”

Julien Derradj