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Jessica Joy Muszynski

Choreographer and Performer


  • Montréal


Jessica Joy Muszynski is a Filipino, Polish, and Canadian dancer and choreographer. In 2019, she earned her baccalaureate in Dance with the USC Kaufman inaugural cohort in California, and finished university by presenting a 30-minute performance. She then collaborated with Aszure Barton & Artists before relocating to Montreal and dancing with RUBBERBANDance. Jessica started as a professional choreographer in the 18th edition of the Quartiers Danses Festival.

Artistic vision

“To create, the performers and I reflect on the time we have spent with our original family. Before we start rehearsing every morning, we take 10 to 15 minutes to write in a journal about how our early years made us who we are and what was important back then. This process brings sensitivity to our movements, because they come from a place filled with emotion, intuition and understanding of where we come from.”

Jessica Joy Muszynski
12 September 202212:00

Entr’tEnir I Bulbe Collective

Place des Arts / Ste Catherine Street West
12 September 202212:00

Fam Ly I Jessica Joy Muszynski

Place des Arts I Rue Sainte Catherine Ouest
17 September 202212:00