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Horizons Collective

Adèle Ross and Lou Ansellem

Choreographers and Performers


  • Horizons Collective
  • Montréal


Lou Amsellem and Adèle Ross met in 2016 and have shared their passion for movement ever since. Trained in contemporary dance, street dancing, gymnastics, and martial arts, they have developed their own gestural language through the Horizons Collective they founded in 2020. Together, they seek to refine their choreographic universe, pushing movement to the extreme in diverse environments.

Artistic vision

“Horizons is the perpetual search for something, while never knowing where you will end up. Lou and Adèle translate an animalistic and instinctive movement that oddly remains sensitive and human. They take risks and intensify sensations by working with objects. Intensity is currently the core of Horizons, as their founders explore the contrast of movement.”

Adèle Ross and Lou Amsellem