Hélène Remoué

Choreographer and Dancer


  • Montréal


Born in France and currently living in Montreal, Hélène Remoué is a contemporary dance artist. She graduated from the École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal in 2014, and quickly discovered a taste for creation. She has presented pieces in various festivals in Montreal, including Tangente, in France and at the upcoming 20th edition of Festival Quartiers Danses. She teaches contemporary dance technique to young professionals at the EDMC, in various CEGEPs and in recreational schools.

Artistic Vision

“Everything I feel digs deep into my soul. I like exploring intense moments: the birth of a vivid emotion, the vibrations of a shaken ground, the idea of vanishing, an uncontrollable fall into a deep void, a scream of release, etc. I look at these deep-rooted and dizzying instants I feel in a split second to create liberating movements. There are an infinite number of ways to connect to one’s creativity. Mine is rooted in the idea that life is experience.”