Sursaut Dance Company

Artistic director : Morgane Le Tiec


  • Sursaut Dance Company
  • Sherbrooke

Artistic direction

Cie Sursaut


The Sursaut Dance Company is dedicated to the creation, production, and dissemination of dance works for young and family audiences.

Joyful, poetic and touching, the company’s choreographic works bear witness to the maturity of an evolving artistic approach that has been focused on young audiences for over thirty-five years. Knowing how demanding, intelligent, open-minded and attentive children are, the company works seriously, authentically and with the utmost respect for this audience. Presented from coast to coast in Canada and abroad, Sursaut’s creations inspire and delight both young and old.

Sursaut is a pioneer in contemporary dance for youth and families in Canada and contributes to the development of professional dance outside of major urban centers. Convinced of the importance of art for young people, the company continues its mandate and works to make dance accessible to all.