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Cai Glover

Cai Glover



  • A fichu Turning
  • Montreal


Through never-ending research and study of the art of dance, Cai Glover has been perfecting, producing, and creating art for 25 years. Constantly looking for new ways to touch his audience, he appeals to the depth of people’s diverse and countless emotional experiences. As a hard-of-hearing artist, listening differently has become a powerful force behind his art, and the source of his originality both as a performer and a choreographer.

Artistic vision

Listening differently has become the driving force behind my creative art, both as a performer and a choreographer. I believe difference is important and I try to shed light on the art of being deaf. I never overcame my “handicap” to become a professional dancer and choreographer, quite the opposite. I embraced it as a different way to perform an art that becomes richer with diversity.

Cai Glover
18 September 202216:00

Cai Glover x Pauline Berndsen Danse x Tentacle Tribe

Les Grands Ballets'Studio-Theatre | Edifice Wilder