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Armande Sanseverino & Gaël Germain


  • Collectif Masdame
  • France


Artist, choreographer, and director Armande Sanseverino draws her inspiration from her multidisciplinary journey. She studied dance and theatre in Cobosmika, Spain, and with the British Jasmin Vardimon Junior Company, while obtaining a BA in Fine Arts. She notably worked with choreographer Nadine Gerspacher and the Herbes Rouges Group, among others. Gaël Germain is a dancer, circus performer, comedian, and producer.

After training in Drama and Circus Arts in Lyon and Paris, France, Gaël started a career as a stage and movie actor and dancer in South Korea. After returning to France, he joined the Elizabeth Czerczuk Theatre, where he met Armande.

They have been collaborating since 2019 on video and stage projects integrating dance and theatre.

9 September 202312:30 PM
12 September 20238:00 PM

En pièce jointe | Armande Sanseverino & Gaël Germain

Studio-Theatre of Grands Ballets Canadiens | Édifice Wilder
12 September 20238:00 PM

Armande & Gaël x S Dance Company x Tentacle Tribe

Studio-Theatre of Grands Ballets Canadiens | Édifice Wilder