Montreal: Cautionary tales, and amusing ones

Written by Victor Swoboda, Dance International, Published December 3, 2023

With more than 40 shows, the 21st annual Festival Quartiers Danses offered a grand way to open a busy fall dance season. In En pièce jointe (Email Attachment) at the Studio Theatre in the Wilder Building, Armande Sanseverino and Gaël Germain from France wonderfully satirized the urban rite known as the job interview. Corporate conformity was denoted by a rigid all-white dress code and by robotic movements that excluded individuality. Job candidate Sanseverino jerked nervously while interviewer Germain sat or walked stiffly and voiced banalities. The form of En pièce jointe splendidly exemplified content.

Gaël Germain and Armande Sanseverino in their duet En pièce jointe | Photo: Melika Dez