FQD Awards

This year again, the FQD has given out prizes to underline the extraordinary work of the artists invited to the 18th edition. Congratulations to the winners!

Jury’s first prize


Created by choreographer Kyra Jean Green and filmmaker Brittney Canda. TOUCH won this first prize for its visceral choreography transposed in a shattering short film.

Jury’s second prize

Hall of Frames

Created by choreographer and dancer Charles Brecard and filmmaker Do Phan Hoi. Hall of Frames won this prize for the intense physicality and the impeccable work of the image in motion.

Coup de Coeur prize


Created by choreographer Kyana Lyne and filmmaker Siam Obregón. JONTAE won the Coup de Coeur prize for its brutal authenticity and touching sensibility which moved all the festival’s team, shouldered by Jontae McCrory’s exceptional performance.

Interpretation prize

Louis-Elyan Martin and Laurie-Anne Langis

To underline the breathtaking osmosis the two dancers displayed throughout all three performances they gave in this 18th edition.