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Free Exterior Event

7 September 2019 11:00
Marché Jean Talon
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7 September 2019 14:30
Place du Marché Atwater
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Choreographer : [ZØGMA] Collectif de folklore urbain

Discover a new percussive dance playground! Created by [ZØGMA], leader in percussive dance in Quebec, Cube leaves the performance halls and takes over public spaces. Experience the rhythm and participate in a unique event in which four dancers and percussionists create a show inspired by the space around them and the audience within it. 

Deftly playing with the structures that are their dance surfaces, they gradually transform their environment, going from a free and open space to a constrained structure. This progressive compression of the space influences the gestural vocabulary of the performers as well as the emotional charge transmitted. Pressure and constraint are at the heart of this emphatic urban work that inspires reflection on human resilience in the face of adversity.


Dancers / Performers : Antoine Turmine, Sébastien Chalumeau, Maxime Éthier, Louis Roy
Coach/external eye/mentor : Mario Boucher
Music : Patrick Dugas
Musician : Maxime Éthier
Costumes : Yaëlle Azoulay
Photographer : Vitor Munhoz
Scenography : Louis Gloutnez et Olivier Arseneault

Jackie Hopfinger

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