Workshop | Lady Styling | Audrey Gaussiran

Free Exterior Event

14 September 2019 17:00
60 min
Jardins Gamelin
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Lady Styling

Choreographer : Audrey Gaussiran

This introductory Lady Styling workshop is a journey into the world of salsa! Participants will discover the sensual feminine movements of Latin dance. Typical arm, hip, and core movements will be taught only to then be pulled from their usual Latin context into more contemporary experimentation. The goal is that, by the end of the workshop, participants will participate in a section of the contemporary salsa performance presented by Audrey’s Angels. It will be a perfect opportunity for people of all genders to connect with their feminine side!

Composed of fifteen dancers of all ages, Audrey’s Angels is a Montreal Lady Styling (salsa) troupe directed by Audrey Gaussiran. From its beginnings in 2009, the group has stood out for the originality of its choreographies that mix Latin movements with other dance styles. For the last 10 years, their performances have led them to travel regularly throughout Quebec and Canada to participate in festivals, fundraisers, and various Latin events. Audrey’s Angels is an ode to women, a celebration of femininity in all its multifaceted refinement and elegance.

Participant level: Beginner
Languages: French and English

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