Outdoor | Urban Chaos | Parth Bhardwaj | Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts

Free Exterior Event

14 September 2018 12:30
30 min
Place des Festivals
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Urban Chaos

Choreographer : Parth Bhardwaj | Attakkalari Dance Company

”We are the reflection of our cities and they are our reflection.” – Aminah Ricks
Urban Chaos looks at the disorder that rules urban spaces. This quartet is a commentary on and critique of existing in a world that is increasingly digital, where the search for a peaceful existence is continually threatened by the established system. This piece expresses the microcosm of fear and human psychology that underlies the macrocosm of our evolution.


Choreographer: Parth Bhardwaj
Dancers: Sylvester Mardi, Amruth Pawar, Ashwin George, Parth Bhardwaj
Mentor: Jayachandran Palazhy, Salmin Sherrif
Music: Nikhil Nagaraj
Costumes: Parth Bhardwaj
Lighting: Niranjan Gokhale
Thanks: Ruhi Jhunjunwala

Shitaljit Bloom

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