Outdoor | Summer Swish | As They Strike Collective

Free Exterior Event

7 September 2018 12:30
30 min
Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, entre le Complexe Desjardins et la Place des Arts (175 rue Sainte Catherine O.)
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13 September 2018 17:00
30 min

Summer Swish

Choreographer : As They Strike Collective

Summer Swish, presented by Chloe Hart’s and Stefania Skoryna’s collective, is a poetic definition of summertime and of the intemporality felt on a summer’s evening. Decorated with delicate lighting, the performers are transported by the music and illuminate their surroundings, tracing an intimate and tender line through the city. Between group effects and interdependent bodies, Summer Swish transports the audience with finesse and offers them a momentary reprieve from everyday life… in broad daylight.


Choreographer : Chloe Hart & Stefania Skoryna | As They Strike Collective
Dancers: Jenna Beaudoin, Julian Czenze, Lucy Fandel, Chloe Hart, Stefania Skoryna
Music : Christine ML Lee
Costumes : Chloe Hart & Stefania Skoryna
Photographer : Morgan Petroski

Morgan Petroski

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