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14 September 2015 00:00
Cinéma Beaubien
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18 September 2015 00:00
Musée des beaux arts de Montréal – Auditorium Maxwell-Cummings
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Hiding Spots

Choreographer : Anastasia Wansbrough

Hiding Spots questions the oppressive way in which western society views issues and realities surrounding the female body, specifically by exploring how tampons (and therefore periods) are seen as unclean, private and shameful. The intention of the work is to highlight the harm of such social stigmas through a satirical, but honest approach using dance, theatre and video.


Performers : Laerke Grontved, Anastasia Wansbrough
Choreographer : Anastasia Wansbrough
Music : Anastasia Wansbrough
Others : Tampon and wood structure by Fannie Gadouas

En plein vide

Choreographer : Claudia Chan Tak

In a dark and dreamlike world of sounds, a young woman evolves in a strange forest where creatures with human bodies and animal heads live. Inspired by Native American culture and its conception of dreams, this work depicts an encounter with the animal world that may sometimes enlighten the human soul just as it may lead it to vacuity.


Performers : Claudia Chan Tak, Simon Chioni, Jossua Collin, Gabriel Ledoux, Alexandre Morin, Philippe Poirier et Sébastien Provencher
Music : Gabriel Ledoux, Acte
Photographer : Gabriel Germain
Production and conception : Claudia Chan Tak et Gabriel Germain
Camera and editing : Gabriel Germain

Tacit space

Choreographer : Catherine Laframboise Desjardins

young, preoccupied and perfectionist woman tames her actions and movements inside this interior space where she feels safe. However, this confinement isn’t as intimate as it seems. The space is both visceral and impersonal. She then questions the cell where she sought refuge, but that also happened to diminish her.


Performer : Kim L. Rouchdy
Sound Designer : Evan Stepanian
Photographer : Dyade photo (Tacit space) Marie-Ève Dion (portrait réalisatrice)
Director of Photography : Gabrielle Bergeron Leduc
Acknowledgments : Département de danse de l’Université Concordia

Glace, crevasse et dérive

Choreographer : Chantal Caron | Fleuve | Espace danse

This first short film by choreographer Chantal Caron seeks inspiration from the village where she lives (Saint-Jean-Port-Joli), from nature, the cold winter, and the majestic Saint Lawrence River. The film is “a metaphor in which ice with its coldness embodies death and a great sea monster floating over the moving liquid mass that symbolizes time. The crevasse, through its cracks, echoes the transition from life to death.” The film, which was shown in Brazil, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Hungary, and Romania, won the Best Short Film of Less Than 10 Minutes Award at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival (2014).


Performers : Karine Gagné et Thomas Casey
Music (composition) : Pierre-Marc Beaudoin
Musician : Pierre-Marc Beaudoin
Costumes : Marilène Bastien
Photographer : Richard St-Pierre
Postproduction : Julia Langlois
Distribution : Vidéo Femmes
Acknowledgments : Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec et la liste qui suit :
Coordinator : Jean St-Pierre
Charged of projects : Marie-Claude Gamache
Script assistant : Christian Caron
Cameraman Assistant : Luka Caron St -Pierre
Costumes and accessories Advisor : Marilène Bastien
Furs : Claudia lavandière et Brigitte Beaulieu
Dressers : Mireille St-Pierre, Claire Lemay, Nathalie Pelletier, Suzanne Bédard
Machinist : Alain Fradette
Accessoirists : Émie-Liza Caron St-Pierre et Brigitte Beaulieu
Boat : Jean-François Lachance (croisières Lachance et Uma17)
Assistant : François Laverdière
Zodiac Location : Benoit Douville
Food : Brigitte Andrée
Cantinières : Carole st-Pierre, Linda Ouellet, Danielle David
Consultant : Marie Anne Lemay
Technical Support : Hélène Vel — département caméra


Choreographer : Pascal Seguel Reynolds

Here, I present the part of me who loves dancing. I do so through a sketched character that evolves in a vast, empty white space. These lines punctuate the space in all sorts of weird ways. At times, his gestures leave traces or breaks in the space; other times they transform it completely.


Music : Pascal Seguel Renolds
Direction/Animation : Pascal Seguel Reynolds
Animation : Louis-Guillaume Leduc
Musical soundtrack : Disasterpeace

La course

Choreographer : Alecska Divisadero

This video expresses the feeling of being trapped within oneself. The idea of cycle and repetition, which translates into intimate framing even when the whole body is shot, adds to the emotional intensity.


Performer : Emilie Durville
Music : “Running sequence” by Andrew Howes, (cc) by-nc-nd /
Acknowledgments : Réalisé lors de l’atelier intensif « L’écran comme espace chorégraphique » offert par Priscilla Guy et Paulina Ruiz Carballido à Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique en octobre 2014.

5 PM

Choreographer : Nans Bortuzzo

This short film was made in Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson. The result of improvisation, this work depicts an impromptu encounter between a thunderstorm and a dancer in the eye of a director. In the simplest fashion, 5 PM expresses the pleasure of being in the rain and dancing freely, letting the contact of raindrops and the wind influence our movements, our presence and our body.


Performer : Claudia Chan Tak
Music : Eco il Mondo de Daniel Melingo
Costumes : Claudia Chan Tak
Photographer : Nans Bortuzzo

Strange woman in shorts

Choreographer : David Latreille

The derision of popularity and its incessant input from the audience. An anti-dance performance for a short lapse of insanity.


Performer : Karine Vanasse
Music(composition) : Maxime Surprenant
Photographer : Nicolas Venne
Hair and makeup : Audray Adam

La Buvette des carnivores

Choreographer : Claudia Chan Tak

This work is a film adaptation of La Buvette des carnivores, a conceptual, aesthetic and bodily exploration of the 14 basic human needs that Virginia Henderson established in 1947. In this mysterious universe, human beings with animal-like behaviours meet.


Performers : Miguel Anguiano, Claudia Chan Tak, Alexandre Fleurent, Marijoe Foucher, Marie-Reine Kabasha, Alexia Martel, Louis-Elyan Martin, Liane Thériault et Julie Tymchuk
Music(composition) : The Cinematic Orchestra
Costumes : Claudia Chan Tak
Editing and color : Maxime Pelletier-Huot
Director of Photography : Alexandre Desjardins
adapted Screenplay : Claudia Chan Tak et Raphaël J. Dostie

Grey Matter

Choreographer : Marie-Michèle Jasmin-Bélisle

This film was made in collaboration with musician Hopi/Navajo Cloud Face and American dancer Selena Moshell. Grey Matter seeks inspiration from the indistinct space of the first waking moments, a grey area between dreams and lucidity. Dance creates a bridge between the contrasting textures of both worlds, expressed with the juxtaposition of surfaces, skin/rock, and movement, ink/water.


Performer : Selena Moshell
Music : Cloud Face
Musicians : Cloud Face & Grey Swan
Costumes : Marie-Michèle Jasmin-Bélisle
Photographers : Marie-Michèle Jasmin-Bélisle et Cloud Face

Éléonores / Confrontation

Choreographer : Annie-Claude Coutu Geoffroy

Éléonores is a triptych that evokes a woman’s reactions to loss. Confrontation is the clash between the air and the water, with a gestural language that is anchored to the ground, and which represents a solid, tireless body in spite of the events. It’s about a woman who is wearing several layers of skin, guided by a specific tempo just like the life she had imagined. This is where dance evokes decision making through the rhythm of external elements.


Performer : Annie-Claude Coutu Geoffroy
Direction, camera, editing : Serge Desautels
Music (composition) : Serge Geoffroy
Musician : Jérôme Ducharme
Costumes : Annie-Claude Coutu Geoffroy et Sarah Balleux
Technical Assistant : Alexandre Venne
Photographer : Vincent Desautels
Artistic Advisor : Priscilla Guy
Acknowledgments : Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, CRÉ Lanaudière

La terre tremble

Choreographer : Priscilla Guy

The great trite shiver
and the spectacular agitation
of quiet interludes
under the surface of the heatwave.


Performer : Émilie Morin
Music (composition) : Simon Elmaleh
Camera and editing : Priscilla Guy
Acknowledgments : Tourné dans le village de Pontos en Espagne.

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