Short-film screening | Choreoscope, International Dance Film Festival Barcelona

CAD$ 12

12 September 2018 17:30
60 min
Cinémathèque Québécoise
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Ànim (Spirit)

Directed by Marc Costa & Aixa Sanuy

Tranquility, curiosity, and anxiety coexist during choreographic metamorphoses, showing unique versions of these different states of being.

Mi Gran Partido (My Big Match)

Directed by Ana Arjol & Claudia Serarols

The playground kids’ daily football game. Everybody is waiting anxiously for the ball, but when it’s Gerard’s turn, other abilities emerge.

Move Away

Directed by Ch Martínez

The last moment of a couple’s relationship through a choreography in the limited space of a car.

De Farol (Bluffing)

Directed by Virginia García & Damián Muñoz

A choreography inspired by Strip Poker, which goes from a figurative and realistic look, towards a composition where movement, the body, and its game generate a multi-vision of interrelated stripteases; some from a physical and others from an emotional engine.

Irøn Modvm

Directed by Derek Pedrós

Iron Skulls Co, is a group of people with different preferences and trajectories finding a common path. A union that is strengthened by their differences, and their personal experiences.

The Missing Part

Directed by Salvador Sunyer & Baró d’Evel

A film piece on the human family and its coexistence with animals.

No Room For Doubt

Directed by Aina Lanas

Last memories, last contact, real or imaginary. The last goodbye leaving no room for doubt.


Directed by Noemi Perez

Amani just lost her son and her husband in a bombing in Damascus, Syria.


Directed by Loránd János

Words lie. The body does not.

Time Code

Directed by Juanjo Giménez

Luna and Diego are the parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift and Luna works by day.

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