Indoor | Dominique Duszynski & Nao Momitani + Alix Dufresne & Marc Béland

CAD$ 25

8 September 2018 20:00
60 min
Cinquième Salle de la Place des Arts
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Hymne | World Premiere

Choreographer : Dominique Duszynski

Evening presented by

1st participation at FQD

Former dancer and coach with Pina Bausch, Dominique Duszynski presents her story and memories from the numerous years spent alongside the great choreographer. Accompanied by Japanese pianist Nao Momitani, winner of several international competitions, Hymne is an intimate and captivating confidence-performance.


Dancers/performers: Nao Momitani and Dominique Duszynski
Direction and choreography: Dominique Duszynski
Pianist: Nao Momitani
Original music: Sarah Wéry, Claude Ledoux, Dai Fujikura, and Ryo Dainobu
Lighting: Jean-Lou Rouche and Dominique Duszynski

Acknowledgements: Festival Quartiers Danses, Charleroi Danse/Bruxelles, Huy cultural centre

Chutes: descendre au ciel | World Premiere

Choreographer : Alix Dufresne & Marc Béland

Evening presented by

2nd participation at FQD

Choreographer and director Alix Dufresne works with both theatre artists and performers, producing raw movements that are not usually seen in the world of dance. This time, she once again presents the great dancer and actor Marc Béland in a touching testament to the limitations of our body. This performative piece addresses the issue of physical and mental degeneration, the disease that defies science and technological advances, inevitably reminding us of our condition as living – and therefore mortal – beings.


Dancers/performers: Marc Béland
Direction and choreography: Alix Dufresne
Original music: Andrée Hétu and Marc Béland
Lighting: Gonzalo Soldi
Production: J’Le dis là

Acknowledgements: Festival Quartiers Danses

Philippe Jolet

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