Indoor | Roy Assaf + Collectif LA TRESSE + James Viveiros

CAD$ 25

10 September 2018 20:00
75 min
Cinquième Salle de la Place des Arts
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A Girl | Montreal Premier

Choreographer : Roy Assaf

First participation at FQD

Israelian choreographer Roy Assaf with the incomparable performer Geneviève Boulet from the LA TRESSE Collective, present a dance-theatre creation exploring a girl’s feminine side. The solo A Girl stages a woman alone in a small space representing a podium, approaching and hiding from the audience. Her movements, which are pushed to extremes, appear both humorous and touching once they are removed from their habitual context. This solo interrogates our view of femininity, of women, and of girls.


Performer: Geneviève Boulet
Choreographer: Roy Assaf
Original music: Reut Yehudai and Roy Assaf
Lighting: Omer Sheizaf

Acknowledgements: Quartiers Danses Festival

Stream Heat | Montreal premier

Choreographer : Erin O’Loughlin & Geneviève Boulet & Laura Toma | Collectif La Tresse

3rd participation at FQD

Winner of the FQD Coup de cœur du public award in 2016, the LA TRESSE Collective is a trio of choreographers trained in contemporary dance and the great choreographer Ohad Naharin’s Gaga technique. These “femmes fatales” dance with great sensuality and cartoonish humour. The Collective continues its wild evolution. Steam Heat tells the romantic story between two ambiguous characters with different identities and bodies. The tension that rules this mesmerizing and mysterious cabaret universe subtly unveils the love connection developing between these two people. The beauty of this meeting highlights their intrinsic differences.


Dancers/performers: Erin O’Loughlin and Laura Toma
Choreographer: LA TRESSE Collective (Erin O’Loughlin, Laura Toma and Geneviève Boulet)

Acknowledgements: Quartiers Danses Festival, L’Arsenal, Danse Danse, and the École de Danse Louise Lapierre

PLAY:BACK | World premier

Choreographer : James Viveiros

2nd participation at FQD

James Viveiros, an emeritus dancer for over 16 years with the Marie Chouinard Company and a certified Gaga teacher, proposes creations with much force and sobriety where movements are exact, straight, and full of sensitivity. James returns to the FQD with a new piece, a duo with reputed performer Sara Hanley. After having won the FQD Prix du jury for his first solo in 2017, he explores human relationships and travels through his remembrances.

PLAY:BACK is based loosely on Plato’s Symposium, which is a fantastical, mythological story about how humans were at one time twice the people that they are now. This was seen as threatening to the gods so Zeus cut everyone in half. Ever since, humans go about in search of their other half in order to become whole. Two take on the same story. Our memories and thoughts are recorded. They are held, caught and suspended; looping and repeating themselves.


Performers: Sara Hanley & James Viveiros
Choreographer: James Viveiros in collaboration with Sara Hanley
Mentor: Martha Carter
Music: Line Katcho
Rehearsal direction: Isabelle Poirier and Geneviève Boulet
Scenography and costumes: Camille Thibault-Bédard
Design and construction of accessories: Jean-Pierre Cloutier
Light: Rasmus Sylvest
Administrative assistant: Marie-Pierre Chevrette and Erin O’loughlin

Acknowledgments: Festival Quartiers Danses

This performance is dedicated to Grace and Manuel.

Gadi Dagon | Romain Guilbaut | Emily Gan

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