Screening of Short Films on Dance

CAD$ 12

11 September 2018 17:30
120 min
Cinémathèque Québécoise
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Every year, the FQD presents a selection of short films on dance produced by local and international directors. For this 16th edition, Marlene Millar was invited as co-curator for the September 11 screening. These 17 short films show how the seventh art fits perfectly with movement art. Informed cinephiles and amateurs alike are invited to discover another facet of original dance through the sharp eyes of these talented directors.

Carte Postale Montréal

Directed by Philip Fortin

Danced postcard from Montreal, where the dancers’ movements are inspired by the memories and stories of many Montrealers of different nationalities.

Duration: 3 min


Dancers: Nicolas Loslier-Pinard and Roxanne Dupuis

Acknowledgments: Festival Quartiers Danses

Le Sens du Mouvement

Directed by Arthur Barbier

A human adventure at the FQD close to the dancer-mediators and participants of cultural mediation workshops, where two arts – dance and poetry – mingle and free bodies and minds.

Duration: 7 min


Director: Arthur Barbier
Camera: Arthur Barbier
Editing: Arthur Barbier

Acknowledgments: Festival Quartiers Danses

Les Corps-Poèmes

Directed by Debout: Actes de Parole

Four poetry videos from BAnQ’s cultural mediation workshops, produced by Sandrine Corbeil, Olivia Lagacé, Alexandre Turgeon Dalpé and Guillaume Vallée.

Duration: 12 min


Acknowledgments: Bibliotheque d’Archives nationales du Quebec, Festival Quartiers Danses.


Directed by Chenglong Tang

The story of 2 Tibetan brothers on pilgrimage to Mount Kailash. The eldest will lose his life during their journey, but the youngest, blessed by his brother, will overcome obstacles.

Duration: 15 min


Dancers:  Zibo Geng, Shifei Chen, Semshock Tsering, Cheng Liu
Photo director: A Luo
Camera: A Luo, Chan fu
Editing: Xiaoxiu Guo, Chan Fu
Colorist: One Two, A Xing
Sound: Tianyi Zhao

Acknowledgments: Li Li, Emily Zhang, Margot Reisinger, Hubert von Goisern, Eva Geiger, Arlinda, Festival Quartiers Danses.

Queen of the Hill

Directed by Flamant & MACHÈRE Collectif

An evocation of femininity and of the coexistence of hierarchy and solidarity among women.

Co-presented by the Festival International de Films sur l’Art.

Duration: 3 min



Dancers: Nindy Banks, Vicky Gélineau, Alice Grondin Ségal, Jessica Gauthier and Maggie Sauvé
Production: Flamant
Concept & Choreography: MACHÈRE Collectif
Artistic Direction: Flamant X MACHÈRE Collectif
Costumes: Flamant X MACHÈRE Collectif
Musical Composition: Jocelyn Pelichet

Acknowledgements: Le Mont Réel, Festival Quartiers Danses

Carte Postale Ipswich

Directed by Alisa Boanta

Danced postcard from Ipswich in the United Kingdom, where the dancers’ movements are inspired by the memories and stories of several Ipswich residents of different nationalities.

Duration: 3 min


Editing: Alexandra Boanta
Choreography: Tim Casson & Friends
Dancers: Guillaume Loslier-Pinard and Roxanne Dupuis

Acknowledgements: Festival Quartiers Danses

Petites Failles

Directed by Émilie Cardu-Beauquier et Claudia Hébert

A furtive immersion into the imagination of 4 young girls evolving in a familiar nature. Their games and complicity express their vitality through rhythmic movement.

Duration: 6 min

Photo: Ariane Boulet



Dancers: Émilie Cardu-Beauquier, Margaux Chênevert-Beaupré, Mathilde Gesseaume-Rioux, and Gabrielle Simard
Director: Claudia Hébert
Camera: Claudia Hébert
Editing: Claudia Hébert
Artistic Direction: Émilie Cardu-Beauquier
Costumes: Émilie Cardu-Beauquier
Music : Loriane Takla

Acknowledgements: Priscilla Guy (Mandoline Hybride), Ariane Boulet, Andréa De Keijzer, École de danse contemporaine de Montréal, Jeunes volontaires, Regroupement québécois de la danse, Festival Quartiers Danses.

To the Ends of the Fingertips

Directed by Roswitha Chesher

Weaving through time, creatures from another century embark on a search for freedom in a surreal and visually rich fairytale world.

Duration: 3 min


Dancers: Elizabeth Barker & Sophie Arstall
Director: Roswitha Chesher
Camera: Roswitha Chesher
Editing: Roswitha Chesher
Artistic Direction: Roswitha Chesher
Costumes: Elizabeth Barker
Decors & accessories: Sophie Arstall
Composer: Jon Traynor
Producer: Martin Collins

Acknowledgements: Festival Quartiers Danses


Directed by Marlene Millar & Philip Szporer | Mouvement Perpétuel

An incarnation of the deity Bhairava by dancer and choreographer Shantala Shivalingappa, with unparalleled refinement and technical mastery.

Co-presented by the Festival International de Films sur l’Art.

Duration: 14 min

Photo: Kes Tagney


Dancers: Shantala Shivalingappa
Director of photography : Kes Tagney
Camera: Kes Tagney
Editing: Marlene Millar
Artistic Direction: Marlene Millar & Philip Szporer
Production: Mouvement Perpétuel (Marlene Millar & Philip Szporer)
Choreography: Shantala Shivalingappa
Sound Editing: Dino Giancola
Composer: Ramesh Jetty

Musicians: Ramesh Jetty, B.P.Haribabu, N.Ramakrishnan, and Jayaram Kikkeri Suryanarayana.

Acknowledgments: The production was made possible with the generous support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Kishkinda Trust/Shama Pawar (Anegundi), Danse Danse (Montréal), and Festival Quartiers Danses.


Directed by Priscilla Guy | Mandoline Hybride

Facing a camera, the facial micromovements of twenty people are revealed through the time-compressed effects of recorded imagery.

Duration: 10 min


Main Performers: Karla Etienne, Emilie Morin
Secondary Performers: Élise Chouinard, Suzanne Gagnon, Merryn Kritzinger, Suzanne Simoneau, Kimia Etienne-Martel, Ariane Gagné-Rios, Stéphane Lique, Lila Geneix, Elise Daubié, Zoé Delsalle, Camille Jemelen, Bernard Morin, Pauline Lévesque, Xavier Malo, Harmony Fortin-Léveillé, Andrew Tay, Felix Delage, Elias Delage, Amelie Delage, Robert St-Amour

Director of photography: Priscilla Guy
Camera: Priscilla Guy
Editor: Priscilla Guy
Artistic direction: Priscilla Guy
Musical composition: Benoit Paradis
Assistant Director: Emilie Morin

Acknowledgments: Montreal Arts Council, Festival Quartiers Danses

Six Solos

Directed by Simon Fildes

The film features six dynamic solos and culminates with a unique performance.

Duration: 6 min

Photo: Lai Wing Cheong


Dancers: Huen Tin-yeung, Li Yong Jing, Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Wu Cheng Fang, Gigi Yang, Yang Hao

Director: Simon Fildes
Choreographer: Sang Jijia
Composer: Dickson Dee
DOP: Lai Wing-cheong
Set Design: Leecat Ho
Production: Miranda Li
Editor: Simon Fildes
Concept: Simon Fildes and Katrina McPherson
Producer: Raymond Wong

Jointly produced by Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company and GOAT Media Scotland
Funded by Creative Scotland and CCDC HK
City Contemporary Dance Company is financially supported by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Acknowledgements: Festival Quartiers Danses

The Derive

Directed by Tanin Torabi

A look at the sociocultural implications of a dancer crossing a crowded bazar in Tehran, Iran, where dancing is illegal. The camera captures the reactions of the crowd.

Duration: 8 min

Photo: Milad Sanaei


Director and producer: Tanin Torabi
Cinematography and director assistant: Milad Sanaei
Music: Faran Fahimi
Dancer: Tanin Torabi
Costumes: Shila Foroudi

Acknowledgments: Festival Quartiers Danses

Mami Origami

Directed by Marites Carino

Inspired by the complex Japanese art of origami, this trio with simple and pared-down movements echoes the geometry and the complexity of this folding art.

Duration: 6 min

Photo: Kes Tagney


Dancers: Tentacle Tribe (Emmanuelle Lê Phan, Elon Höglund)
Photo Director: Donald Robitaille
Camera: Kes Tagney
Editing: Marites Carino
Artistic Direction: Zoe Roux
Costumes: Cool Koala

Acknowledgements: Festival Quartiers Danses

Saigner Toaster

Directed by Guillaume Marin

A meeting between human and form, an orbiting of red and black that is neither dance nor montage nor collage…

Duration: 2 min


Dancers: Anabel Gagnon, Victoria Mackenzie
Photo director: Julie artacho
Editing: Guillaume Marin
Costumes: Fauve du Tilly Lefebre

Acknowledgements: Festival Quartiers Danses


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