Isabelle Boulanger | La Grande Fente | Sans Lactose

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11 September 2015 00:00
Place des Festivals
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12 September 2015 00:00
Promenade Wellington
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15 September 2015 00:00
Place des Festivals
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Sans Lactose

Choreographer : Isabelle Boulanger | La Grande Fente

Definition: Behave so as to ensure that all actions and their consequences do not cause any bitterness.
Unpredictability, ambiguity, absurdity, femininity.
A group of women is propelled into a world where each of them radically conforms to her true self. Emancipated from the look of others and completely uninhibited, together they obey the principle of absolute integrity. They form a girl gang in which each of them stands out in her own way and represents something specific, just as the Spice Girls did. They create a whole, a perfectly balanced entity that supports them and justifies their misbehaviours, their individual incongruities. Can one be excessively true to oneself or is there such a thing as excessive integrity?
But, what must we obey exactly? Rightly or wrongly, the dancers evolve by positioning themselves on theirs desires and their consciences. They are unshakable as a group, but weakened once on their own, which might explain some twisted behaviour and blurred identity. They are imperfect, yet utterly upright, which makes them perfect. Some of them will have to deal with their convictions and will be deeply lost. In the process, they will make mistakes, show weakness, even ugliness, but there lies their triumph.
Unpredictability, ambiguity, absurdity, femininity.


Performers : Isabelle, Boulanger, Joanie Deschatelets, Stacy Desilets, Noémie Dufou-Campeau, Kim Henry
Rehearsal Director/ External viewpoint : Simon-Xavier Lefebvre & Guillaume Biron
Musique (composition) : Guillaume Biron & Hubert de Roy
Costumes : Isabelle Boulanger
Lighting : Renaud Pettigrew
Photographer : Christel Bourque

Jackie Hopfinger

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