Round Table | TV Shows and Democratization of Contemporary Dance

Free Exterior Event

14 August 2018 11:30
120 min
Département de Danse Contemporaine de Concordia
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Émissions Télévisées et Démocratisation de la Danse Contemporaine




ANGÉLIQUE WILLKIE | Assistant Professor, Department of Contemporary Dance of Concordia University and Codirector, Performing Arts Research Cluster

FQD’s mission is to democratize original dance and make it accessible to all. For the last few years, television has also been an active player in this movement thanks to many dance-focused shows. It seems interesting to us to initiate a discussion on the impact of these shows on the dance world. Shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, or, in Quebec, Les Dieux de la Danse, along with many others, reach a wide audience and thus have an ideal platform to pique the curiosity of many. During this round table, invited panelists and the public will discuss different questions – are we seeing increased attendance in performance venues? Are enrollment rates in dance classes changing at universities or dance schools, for either professional or amateur instruction? Is contemporary dance presented in these shows in a way that does justice to all its forms or is its true essence marginalized in favor of a more spectacular, acrobatic, and commercial style?

In collaboration with Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD) and the dance Department at Concordia University

Romain Lorraine

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