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11 September 2016 13:00
90 min
Musée des beaux arts de Montréal – Auditorium Maxwell-Cummings
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12 September 2016 00:00
90 min
Cinéma Beaubien
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Carol Prieur danseuse Compagnie Marie Chouinard

Choreographer : Isabelle Hébert

@Sylvie-Ann Paré

Carol Prieur joins COMPAGNIE MARIE CHOUINARD in 1995. Since then, she has been part of all their creations. In 2010, TANZ Magazine declares her “dancer of the year”. As part of PRIX DE LA DANSE DE MONTRÉAL (Montreal Dance Awards), she was awarded the PRIX RQD-INTERPRÈTE (RDQ Dancer Award) in 2014. This portrait documentary pays tribute to her and commemorates her 20 years with COMPAGNIE MARIE CHOUINARD.


Dancer/performer : Carol Prieur
Camera : Pier-Louis Dagenais
Editor : Pier-Philippe Chevigny
Sound recordist : Pier-Philippe Chevigny
Sound Editing : Louis Dupire
Mixage : Dino Castrilli

Lay Me Low

Director : Marlene Millar | Production Film Danse Migration

@Marlene Millar

Lay me Low opens a communal space of experience of mourning: individual voices woven together to make one song, steps taken in rhythm create one walk. Ten performers, percussive body dancers and musicians, communicate a universal feeling of loss while evoking a paradoxical sense of intimacy.


Performers : Andrew Bathory / Sonia Clarke / David Cronkite / Dominic Desrochers / Josée Gagnon / Josianne Laporte / Hélène Lemay / Kimberly Robin / Sandy Silva / Bobby Thompson
Director of photography : Geoffroy Beauchemin
Camera : Geoffroy Beauchemin / Peter Kreiger
Editor : Marlene Millar
Sound Designer : Félix Boisvert
Assistant director : Junna Chif
Production co-ordinator : Patrick Riley
Producter : Sandy Silva
Associate producers : Kimberly Robin / Sonia Clarke
Acknowledgments : Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec / Récré-O-Parc

Les Insulaires

Choreographer : Valérie Lessard

@Valérie Lessard

This explosive and disturbing behind-closed-doors work is a choreographic reinterpretation of scenes from two movies from the 60s that, freed from their original narrative context, reveal their powerful movement vocabulary. A new dramatic composition stems from deconstructing the power relationships between the protagonists.


Dancers/performers : Rosie Contant / Alexandre Parenteau / Justine Ricard
Director of Photography : Jean-François Brière
Camera : Jean-François Brière
Editor : Valérie Lessard
Artistic Director : Valérie Lessard
Costumes : Marie-Claude Jalbert
Sound Design : Mathieu Doyon
Acknowledgments : Janicke Morissette / Gennaro De Pasquale / Orion Szydel / Joanie Darveau


Choreographer : Sarah Booth

@Sarah Booth

The VIBRE ! video, which seeks inspiration from animation and cinemagraph techniques, is the main part of a multidisciplinary exhibit project of the same name, soon to become a show. She sets out to examine vibrant and feverish body movement in a time and a space where everything is frozen to bring out this vibration, this liveliness.


Dancers/performers : Léa Ratycz Légaré / Ariane Voineau
Director of Photography, camera, editor, artistic director : Sarah Booth
Costumes : Sarah Booth / Léa Ratycz Légaré / Ariane Voineau
Sound Designer : Josué Beaucage
Acknowledgments : Merci à Première Ovation Arts multi et le Cercle Lab Vivant

La Luxure

Choreographer : Christian Lalumière

@François Messier-Rheault

The choreographic work LA LUXURE sets the scene for Eros—the lively strength of seduction—and Thanatos—that of death—in utter agony. To avoid setting either of these figures in a reductive symbolism, the work takes on the strangeness of the struggle between prime beauty and irreversible downfall, a struggle that is played, thwarted, and played again, endlessly, in the arena of existence.


Dancers/performers : Marilyn Daoust / Karina Iraola
Director of Photography : François Messier-Rheault
Camera : François Messier-Rheault
Editor : Philippe Ralet
Choreographer : Manon Oligny — Compagnie Manon fait de la danse
Musique : Création Ex Nihilo – Guillaume Bourassa / Sébastien Gravel


Choreographer : Jules de Niverville

@Toma Iczkovits

TWITCH is an experimental performance video incorporating contemporary dance, contortions and acrobatics. TWITCH chronicles the life-pulse of a creature in conflict: its stirrings/twitching/convulsions, its agonizing missteps and battle with demons; an ode to overcoming dark energies that lie within.


Performer : Arnaud Caizergues
Director of Photography : Jules de Niverville / Michael Wees
Camera : Jules de Niverville / Michael Wees
Editor : Jules de Niverville
Artistic director : Jean-Marc Renaud
Costumes : Flavie Lechat
Producer : Marlene Millar
Choreographer Michael Watts
Make-up artist : Elenis Uranis


Choreographer : Catherine Lavoie-Marcus & Priscilla Guy

@Catherine Lavoie-Marcus / Priscilla Guy

The bodies of two women detach from an immaculately white background. From ordinary and conventional shapes, they unknowingly transform into automatons, wild beasts, free-falling objects, primates.


Dancers/performers : Catherine Lavoie-Marcus / Priscilla Guy
DOP, camera, editing, artistic direction : Catherine Lavoie-Marcus / Priscilla Guy
Costumes : Marie-Christine Quenneville
Video collaboration : Antoine Quirion Couture
Set Design : Julie Vallée-Léger
Technical direction : Samuel Thériault
Sound Design : Michel F. Côté
Lighting design : Paul Chambers


Choreographer : Marilyne Turcot

@Steven Daivasagaya

Raz-de-Marée is gentle, yet violent. We wish to reach the body, dive into intimacy, sensuality, but we also want to lose ourselves into the immensity, to be destabilized. It is insecurity, confusion, but also this being that exists. Raz-de-Marée, it the expression of this unique beauty, which brings our attention to this wave that is in harmony with the scenery.


Dancers/performers : Maude Massicotte / Andréanne Roméo
Director of Photography : Nicolas Lavoie-Lacombe
Camera : Nicolas Lavoie-Lacombe
Editor : Marilyne Turcot
Artistic direction : Marilyne Turcot
Costumes : Marilyne Turcot
Production assistants : Steven Daivasagaya / Karine Théberge
Acknowledgments : LouCam / Le Bonhomme à Lunettes / Michel Potvin / Denis Turcot / Thérèse Turcot


Choreographer : David Ricard & Menka Nagrani

@Catherine Morin

A post-apocalyptic world where the sole survivors are people with Down syndrome who have built their village on the ruins of a former carnival fair. They find a mechanical doll that is played by the only artist without a disability. The people with Down syndrome monopolize the doll, manipulating her and training her to create a circus act.


Dancers/performers : Marylin Castonguay / Carl Hennebert-Faulkner / Jean François Hupé / Geneviève Morin-Dupont
Director of Photography : David Ricard
Camera : David Ricard / Yves Whissel
Editors : Karine Charbonneau / David Ricard
Artistic direction : Catherine Morin / FréderickOuellet / Maxime Berthiaume
Costumes : Maxime Berthiaume
Original idea, choreography and directing the actors : Menka Nagrani
Production Manager : Karine Charbonneau
Sound recordist : Andrew Beaudoin
Script : Menka Nagrani / David Ricard
Sound Design : Marcin Bunar

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