Personne | Sans-Nom

Free Exterior Event

6 September 2019 17:00
Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, entre le Complexe Desjardins et la Place des Arts (175 rue Sainte Catherine O.)
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12 September 2019 17:00
Jardins Gamelin
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Choreographer : Personne

Sans Nom, a creation presented in an urban setting, features Personne, a completely anonymous choreographer-performer wearing a red suit and an evening suit. Bustling with various Buddho-Christian-influenced rituals mixing dinosaurs and maple syrup, this slightly dandy New Age humanoid reptile seems to have a sense of angelic humour. Or schizophrenic? It doesn’t matter, that’s where all its charm lies! Symbol of his time, he takes advantage of not having a face to multiply the I love and selfies, while desperately looking for self-love on online dating applications.

With Sans-Nom, Personne invites spectators to reflect on their own death, possibly absurd and imminent, at the turn of a bixi walk to an aperitif with friends. How then can we approach it with joy? This solo fiercely experiments with the choreographer-performer’s exacerbated life and death impulses, between self-derision and existential questioning. Intrigued by the challenge of performance in an urban context, Personne assumes his ambivalence, between flashy physicality and powerful incarnate presence that would even touch Isadora Duncan’s guts. There will be something for everyone. Especially for those who like red.

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