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Free Exterior Event

6 September 2018 12:30
Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, entre le Complexe Desjardins et la Place des Arts (175 rue Sainte Catherine O.)
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Pas Deux Cent Douze

Choreographer : William Forsythe

The FQD is pleased to offer Montreal and the dance world a gift in the heart of the Quartiers des Spectacles, on Rue Sainte-Catherine – a moment with renowned choreographer William Forsythe.

Pas de Deux Cent Douze was presented last May at the Shed Museum in New York. This new creation reinvents the duo from Forsythe’s celebrated 1987 ballet, In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated, and will be performed by two of his dancers, Roderick George and Josh Johnson. Roderick George and his company, kNoName artists, will open the indoor portion of the festival on September 7th.

After having directed the Frankfurt Ballet from 1984 to 2004, Forsythe went on to lead The Forsythe Company from 2005 to 2015. He is currently choreographer-in-residence at the Opéra national de Paris’ ballet and is a professor at the University of Southern California.


Choreographer : William Forsythe

Dancers : Roderick George & Josh Johnson

Stephanie Berger

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