Noam Gagnon / Next Zone / Dorotea Saykaly

CAD$ 25

12 September 2019 20:00
75 min
Cinquième Salle de la Place des Arts
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Fighting Chance

Choreographer : Noam Gagnon

Based on information compiled from questions about Joshua Beamish’s interests and personal history, Gagnon probes toxic masculinity through relentless movement. Image-based references to boxing and training to fight, serve as a metaphor for internal struggles of self, identity, and effort.

This work originally premiered at the ROMP Festival in Victoria, BC. It has since been presented at Brian Webb Dance Series (Edmonton), Dancing on the Edge, Dancemakers (Toronto), Seattle International Dance Festival, and Martha Graham in NYC. This work was created with the support of BC Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.


Dancer / performer : Joshua Beamish


Choreographer : Lene Boel | Next Zone

IMMORTALITY explores man’s dream of immortality, which has been the basis of much philosophical and religious thought since the beginning of humanity. Here, the work not only focuses on the history, traditions and rituals but also on the futuristic visions of scientists: the immortality of the future through the artificial rejuvenation of the body or the liberation from the body as the only home of the human mind.

IMMORTALITY is interpreted by Japanese dancer Ismaera Takeo Ishii, who is one of few dancers strongly founded in both butoh dance and urban dance at a high level. The strong inner focus of butoh dance mixed with the explosive characteristics of urban dance create an interesting choreographic space for choreographer Lene Boel who excels in combining ultra-precise gestures with extreme physical movement.


Dancers / performers : Ismaera Takeo Ishii
Music : Rex Casswell (UK)
Costumes : Dorte Thorsen (DK)
Lightning : Jesper Kongshaug (DK)
Photographer : Dan Aucante
Technical director : Malte Haugaard
Acknowledgements : The Danish Arts Consil and the William Demant Foundation.


Choreographer : Dorotea Saykaly

Life is a series of choices strung together. A coming to crossroads and having to chose a path in order to advance. What happens however when one feels incapable of making decisions due to fear, lack of clarity or simply wondering “why”?  What is the state of the body during this process of finding answers?

The solo “SHE” draws inspiration from the novel “The Passion according to G.H.” by Clarice Lispector – in which the female protagonist, alone in a room, confusingly and sensually talks through her existential and identity crisis. Through movement, distortion and an interview with a phantom interrogator, this self-choreographed work looks at the states of hesitation and solitude through a female lens. A woman questioning her instincts while finding her grounds.   


Dancer / performer : Dorotea Saykaly
Coach/external eye/mentor : Ève Garnier
Music : Stefan Christoff pour l’arrangement sonore et la composition
Costumes : Carla Romagnoli
Photographer : Liz Looker
Muli-media artist for projections : Noémie Avidar

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