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Free Exterior Event

25 August 2018 11:00
60 min
Lac aux Castors du Parc Mont-Royal
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Choreographer : Eryn Dace Trudell

Mama Dances was created and presented at a sold-out show at FQD in 2006 as an in situ performance at the Château Dufresne Museum. Twelve years later, Mama Dances is back with MOMentum, a choreographic creation and a meditation on the importance of raising children with freedom and balance. This piece seeks to bring parents and guardians closer to their babies through dance. In this engagement-focused creation of grouped and rhythmic dance, participants, accompanied by their babies, express themselves with exceptional freedom, balance, and compassion.

MOMENTum puts the maternal body at the centre of the contemporary dance stage.
It is meant as a meditation and prayer bringing mothers together with their babies, in a dance, as a symbolic gesture of social action and solidarity for humanity, embodying rituals of caring. It is a choreographic mobilization of enlivened and empathetic “beholding”, of compassion, and of empowerment that is cultivated in a community of mothers dancing, together, with their babies. MOMentum is a call for safety, equality, freedom, harmony and peace for all children of the world.

Caring is powerful. Collective caring is omnipotent.


Rehearsal directors: Lily Lapierre, Carlos Rivera
Photography : Stéphanie Duclos, Kinga Michalska, Bruce Toombs, Vivian Doan
Video: Abraham Lifshitz
Acknowledgements : CALQ ( Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec), Espace Famille Villeray, Celo (Centre Communautaire de Loisirs de la Côte-des-Neiges), Centre Père Marquette, MAM autour de la maternité, Sling Blossom, Chimparoo, Maman Kangourou, Porter La Vie, and Deborah Ummel.


Sophie Silberstein

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