Outdoor | Hypnos | Pauline Gervais

Free Exterior Event

6 September 2018 17:00
30 min
Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, entre le Complexe Desjardins et la Place des Arts (175 rue Sainte Catherine O.)
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Hypnos | Pauline Gervais

Choreographer : Pauline Gervais

This contemporary ballet piece simulates an experience of collective hypnosis. Paradoxically to the view of hypnosis as a lethargic state, Hypnos proposes a group of individuals full of energy and enthusiasm reacting to constraints through movement and music. Choreographer Pauline Gervais received FQD’s 2017 Découverte en salle award.


Choreographer : Pauline Gervais
Dancers : Marilyne Cyr, Catherine Toupin, Adrian Batt, Danny Morissette, Marc-André Poliquin, Mariya Kyrichenko
Music : Charles Bicari
Costumes : Zara
Photography : Charlotte Gervais

Charlotte Berndsen

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