Julie Dossavi | À chaque vent le papillon se déplace sur le saule

Free Exterior Event

9 September 2016 12:30
Place des Festivals
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10 September 2016 11:30
Place d’armes
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À chaque vent le papillon se déplace sur le saule

Choreographer : Julie Dossavi

This work is the fruit of a passionate meeting between Julie Dossavi and talented choreographer Daniel Larrieu; a “custom-made” creation likewise a high fashion choreographic dress. The title evokes a sense of adaptability that comes forth between a choreographer and a dancer. It also reminds us of the specific moment of tightening and adaptation that the profession goes through during its choreographic production in response to cultural trade and its profitability.


Performer : Julie Dossavi
Rehearsal coach / external viewpoint : Daniel Larrieu / Agnès Coutard
Music : Sarah Jane / Jean-Jacques Palix / Colleen / Matthew Herbert
Sound track : Song Active Production
Costumes : Julie Dossavi
Photographer : Grégory Brandel
Voice : Ève Couturier
Texts : Franck Smith
Production : Astrakan
Coproduction : Sacd / Montpellier Danse 04
Acknowledgements : Yvan Talbo / Studio Le Pont des Arts – Poitiers

Gregory Brandel

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