Julie Dossavi | Adjalin

Free Exterior Event

10 September 2016 11:30
Place d’armes
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10 September 2016 15:30
Promenade Wellington
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Choreographer : Julie Dossavi

In Adjalin (zither in Beninese) Julie Dossavi merges with nature, at times supple and at times relentless, while the sound of the zither rises up to a treetop, penetrating and distorted. With lightness, her body soaks in the space and becomes imprinted into it, likewise a swirling leaf, supported by the light breeze and then falling gently to the ground.


Performer : Julie Dossavi
Music : Yvan Talbot
Costumes : Julie Dossavi
Photographer : Nell Wanty
Production : Cie Julie Dossavi – Association Kusma

Nell Wanty

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