Focus Danse Bach | Alex Neoral

CAD$ 42

15 September 2019 14:30
90 min
Musée des beaux arts de Montréal – Salle Bourgie
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Focus Danse Bach

Choreographer : Focus Cia de Dança | Alex Neoral

FOCUS DANSE BACH is an ode to Johan Sebastian Bach, one of the most well-known and wonderful classical composers. Musicians and dancers divide the stage for three distinct pieces. In-finito brings the idea of the number 8, the symbol of the infinite, a movement that never ends. With Prólogo 1, 2,3,4/ Interpret, on the five movements of the Partita n. 2 for violin solo, the dancers invade the stage creating a feeling of accumulation while creating new spaces. Finally, Um a um is a sequence of connected duets, that show the power of combining two bodies together.


Dancers / performers : Alex Neoral, Carolina de Sá, Cosme Gregory, José Villaça, Marcio Jahú, Marina Teixeira, Monise Marques, Roberta Bussoni
Music : Bach
Musicians : Alex Read – violon, Elinor Frey – violoncelle, Mélisande McNabney – clavecin
Costumes : Alex Neoral
Lighting : Tatiana Garcias
Photographers : Paula Kossatz
Production director : Tatiana Garcias
Acknowledgements : Commandité par la compagnie PETROBRAS

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