Corpuscule Danse | Flash mob danse intégrée

Free Exterior Event

20 September 2015 00:00
Esplanade Financière Sun Life du Parc olympique
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Flash mob danse intégrée

Choreographer : Corpuscule Danse

How about a Flash mob from Corpuscule Danse? Come celebrate body diversity with us! Whether you are disabled or not, on wheels, on foot or on a three-wheel scooter, Corpuscule is waiting for you this coming September 20, at the Olympic Stadium, to celebrate integrated dance. A unique occasion of sheer pleasure that you can share with others!


Performers : From 75 to 100 participants with and without disabilities.
Rehearsal Director / External viewport : Maryse Carrier, Talia Leos, George-Nicolas Tremblay, France Geoffroy
Music : Stromae (Alors on danse)
Photography : Véro Boncompagni
Acknowledgments : Quartiers Danses, Alpha, Viomax, Centre de conditionnement physique adapté. Dance pavilion of UQAM

Jackie Hopfinger

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