Evening of short-films screening | International program

CAD$ 11

10 September 2019 18:00
Cinémathèque Québécoise
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The film project is a tribute to late UK choregrapher Nigel Charnock, in which dancers Charnock had worked with take elements of choreography and performance text from the archive of his work. You recreates a section of his 1991 solo work Resurrection; a verbal and physical slapstick which reveals the complicated truths about human relationships.

Director : Graham Clayton Chance

Choreographer : Nigel Charnock


Cuppa is a table-top dance, a playful duet between Indian and British approaches to the everyday act of preparing and enjoying a cup of tea.

Director : Elena Nebreda

Choreographer : Avatâra Ayuso


Two women test the depth of their connection in a dream-like space filled with painterly colour.

Director : Cordelia Beresford

Choreographer : Julie Cunningham

The Circle

The Circle is a bold and lyrical portrayal of two brothers from inner city London, and the challenges they face daily.

Director and choreographer : Lanre Malaolu

Ek Choti Si Asha

In 2018 India planned to send a small robot called ECA to the moon to roam the lunar surface for 14 days. In response, dancer Hemabharathy Palani creates a parallel woman’s journey across Bangalore in tribute to an audacious venture carrying the aspirations of a billion people.

Director : Rachel Davies & Daniel Saul

Choreographer : Hemabharathy Palani


A girl finds a lone building on a remote moorland. She pulls an old piano by one corner. The rusted wheels jam and it pivots, creating an arc on the wooden floor. As the dance begins, her feet trace, etch and carve in circular movements.

Director : Abby Warrilow and Lewis Gourlay

Choreographer : Abby Warrilow


Reach explores love, abandonment and fatherhood.

Director : Billy Boyd Cape

Choreographer : Botis Seva

From Fragments

From Fragments shows an elderly couple forced by dementia to find a different way to navigate their relationship; to compromise, to sacrifice and to cherish.

Director : James Quinn

Choreographers : David Durrant & Maggie Durrant

Turned to the sun

Ben is janitor who is running away from his past as a soldier. He finds himself entangled in a metaphorical fight with his young self for the fate of his future.

Director : Keith Wilhelm Kopp

Choreographer : Ben Nash


Hannah explores the playful ambition of Hannah Dempsey, a young dancer and athlete with a disability. The film is a celebration of motion, energy and elegance of human movement, evoking the power of adrenaline.

Director and choreographer : Sergio Cruz


One confident bunny.

Director : James Copeman

Choreographer : Sophia Melvin

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