D’un âge à l’autre | Kyra Jean Green | Trip The Light Fantastic

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8 September 2018 15:00
Quai 5160 Maison de la culture de Verdun
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D'un âge à l'autre

Choreographer : Kyra Jean Green | Trip The Light Fantastic

D’un âge à l’autre, one of the festival’s cultural mediation activities, is centred this year around intergenerationality. The choreography is the result of 8 workshops by Kyra Jean Green and invited choreographers, France Roy and Marc Béland, with the aim of inspiring reflection among students at the Cavalier High School in LaSalle on aging and the realities of elderly people. They explored concepts such as physical weakness and slowness, as well as mutual assistance and solidarity.


Choreographer: Kyra Jean Green
Performers : Mélanie Jayden Cyr, Camille Kpodar, Trey Roach, Christelle Mubengaie, Juliana Tinicco, Eleonora Krasteva, Naomie Mieluzeyi, Jasreen Nandra, Sweta Prokaysta, Marianne Larouche, Aminata Traore, Marie Martin, Rose Lirzin, Camille Aissatou Ekanga Njanga, Yvette Uwimpuhwe

Acknowledgments : Audrey Dunn and Alain Lavoie

Géraldine Lavoie-Dugré

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