Dance workshop | Pauline Gervais

CAD$ 10

7 September 2018 14:00
45 min
Studio Diss Torsion
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Dance workshop: Pauline Gervais

Choreographer : Pauline Gervais

Faithful to its mission to democratize contemporary dance, the FQD offers dance workshops that are open to all and led by the choreographers participating in the festival’s 16th edition! A unique opportunity to discover a choreographic universe and to learn some new dance moves!

Workshop theme: Movement articulation and fluidity

Workshop program:

  1. Warm-up through activation of specific body parts individually (head, shoulders, hips, and feet) and through an improvisation based on these isolations
  2. Teaching a choreographic sequence exploring movement fluidity and articulation on the floor and in the space
  3. In teams of two, transform the phrase into a personalized duo
  4. Cool down, stretching and breathing


Participant skill level: Intermediary to Advanced

Language of instruction: French and English

Charlotte Berndsen

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