Elizabeth Suich | ConfiDanses de femmes

Free Exterior Event

12 September 2015 00:00
Promenade Wellington
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ConfiDanses de femmes

Choreographer : Elizabeth Suich

Eager to get increasingly involved in the community, the Quartiers Danses cultural mediation department has started a new stimulating project to celebrate this involvement! And so we mark the enthusiasm and the vitality of the Centre des femmes de Verdun, the ACHIM as well as the energy of choreographers Jane Mappin and Elizabeth Suich. These two artists have given life to two short surprise-creations, where the sensibility of the dancers/participants will be unveiled in the heart of Montreal.
Quartiers Danses democratizes original dance and allows participants of the cultural mediation workshops to be part of the artistic program of the 13th edition. A remarkable adventure, filled with sensibilities!

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