Beaver Dam Company | Shiver

Free Exterior Event

6 September 2019 17:00
Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, entre le Complexe Desjardins et la Place des Arts (175 rue Sainte Catherine O.)
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Choreographer : Edouard Hue | Beaver Dam Company

Shiver was commissioned by the Yokohama Ballet Festival, one of the most prestigious galas in Japan, which offers spectators the opportunity to discover Japanese and foreign dancers with international careers. The piece was born from the excitement of participating in this iconic event. She declines the thrill of excitement, cold, fear… in all its possibilities to reach a frenetic piece. The dancers are propelled into a choreography where the precision of movement and rhythm are put to the test to their extreme. The music, composed by Jonathan Soucasse, Edouard Hue’s new collaborator since this year, takes the performers into a trance where the thrill is transmitted to the audience through the vibrations of the music and choreography.


Dancers / Performers : Edouard Hue, Yurié Tsugawa
Music : Jonathan Soucasse
Photographer : Jean Couturier
Acknowledgements : Yokohama Ballet Festival

Edouard Hue

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