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Free Exterior Event

9 September 2018 11:30
30 min
Marché Maisonneuve
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10 September 2018 17:00
30 min
Jardins Gamelin
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12 September 2018 12:30
30 min
Place des Festivals
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Choreographer : Kate Ramsden

The sextet BALLS presents a troubling universe, exploring the ways in which women and their bodies are perceived in sports and competition. The piece stages movement in this universe to denounce common perceptions of female bodies, which are often expressed through team or competitive dialogue and in the relationship between perceptions of strength and weakness.


Choreographer : Kate Ramsden
Dancers : Erin O’Loughlin, Léna Demnati, Marilyne Cyr, Jee Lam, Janelle Houcault, Koliane Rochon Prom Tep
Music : Samuel Dzierzawa
Costumes : Kate Ramsden

Bobby Leon

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